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19. I go to Images Modeling and Talent Agency. Kanye West Follower. Express Addict. My dream is to honestly be a Power Ranger one day. AH WHADDUP TUMBLR!?!?!?!

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If I spawned a Yummy it would probably just go buy Kamen Rider merch.


  • what she says: i’m fine
  • what she means: im watching kamen rider ooo

Previously learned lessons from the last 5 years of Super Sentai:


33. Shinkenger: Nobility and class don’t define who you are or who you can become.
34. Goseiger: Miracles can happen & don’t pick on the weak looking people, they may surprise you.
35. Gokaiger: Anyone can stand together for a common goal despite their backgrounds.
36. Go-Buster: No matter how much time you think you have, you can never outrun your problems or responsibilities.
37 Kyoryuger: You can be an asshole if you’re the leader.